Coming from years of concession experience...

We specialize in making your event that much more special. Whether it's a festival, fair, or one day event we will bring our made-from scratch food to your event! Our crew will treat you and your guests with absolute professionalism and respect to make sure your event goes on without a hitch! Our trailers are in tip-top shape, and ready to move at your command! Take a look at some of our trailers and foods we offer below and decide what you would like at your event!  

Enjoy a delicious all beef frank with your choice of different toppings such as chili, cheese, onions, relish, ketchup and mustard! This trailer also offers our golden brown corn dogs, cheese on a stick, and soft pretzels! We have ice cold water and refreshing Coke products served as our refreshments ​​​.

Pizza Trailer

Hot Dog/Corn Dog Trailer

Funnel Cake Trailer

Corn Dog/Lemonade Trailer

Freshly squeezed lemonade at its finest made by the awesome Playland crew!

Enjoy a hand poured funnel cake with your choice of topping! Toppings are apple filling, cherry filling, and hot fudge! We also have deep fried Oreo's and freshly squeezed lemonade! Coke products are available as well as bottled water!

​Lemonade Tent

Our elephant ear trailer provides the tastiest deserts from our made from scratch elephant ears, hand poured funnel cakes, to our hand dipped deep fried Oreo's! We also have toppings for our fried deserts which are apple filling, cherry filling, and hot fudge! Our refreshments include Coke products, Gold peak tea (sweet, unsweet, and raspberry), and bottled water! 

Thirsty? Quench it with a freshly squeezed lemonade​ made to perfection by the Playland crew. We also serve up golden brown corn dogs, fried cheese on a stick, and soft pretzels!

Playland Food Concessions

Elephant Ear Trailer

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! 

Enjoy a slice of our freshly made pepperoni or cheese pizza! We also have soft pretzels and Coke products